The Stephen Joseph Association is pleased to announce that the plan to be constituted as a committee of the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) is now all but finalised:

Stephen Joseph was a founder member of the Association of British Theatre Technicians in 1961. It is therefore fitting that the SJA, after investigating the mutual benefits, in consultation with its membership and the ABTT Executive, submitted a proposal to become a Committee under the auspices of the ABTT in May. A final proposal supported by 80% of the SJA membership was approved by the ABTT Council in June, and it only remains for the SJA to formalise the agreement at the AGM on 20th September.

Full details of the AGM and accompanying seminar will be published soon, but please register your interest in attending. If you have not already joined the SJA now would be a very good time to consider doing so and help us shape projects for the centenary of Stephen’s birth in 2021:



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