We are living through an incredible time and many of our activities have had to be put on hold as we wait and see how quickly this viral epidemic loses its hold on us all. What is very clear is that life as we know it will never be the same again and as the theatre and its practitioners have done for centuries, we adapt, we move with the wind of change and become incredibly resilient and increasingly creative.

So rather than sit back and wait, the SJA committee and our members have the opportunity to use this online platform to share thoughts, ideas and contribute to creating an online community of like minds by adding material and insight. We will particularly welcome material that relates to Stephen Joseph and the major part he played in taking the theatre out of the picture frame stage, encouraging new writing and giving opportunities to young people to explore a new and dynamic vocabulary inn the form of theatre that we know as ‘theatre -in -the- round.’

GO TO https://stephenjosephassociation.org/agm-and-seminar-2019 to Christine Stott’s report on the AGM and Seminar as well as photographs of some of the participants

GO to https://stephenjosephassociation.org/sja-seminar-guest-speakers to find out more about speakers at the AGM and Seminar 20019

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